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The ChemiPeel Facial


50+ minutes

As we age, the collagen and elastin producion in our skin slows down, so it is imporant ot counteract that with a facial peel designed to make you look and feel younger while triggering these necessary skin functions. This peel restructures the entire skin matrix trom dermis to surface, accentuating and lifting the jaw line and thickening cheeks. This Ultimate Facelift triggers weeks or incredible thickening and firming with collagenic matrix rebuilding while feeding the dermis with elastin peptides. Trichloroacetic acid paired with Kinetic Demabrasion crystals works to remove eye, neck, and chest wrinkles, as well as diminish stretch marks,sun damage, and discoloration while plumping collagen in marionette lines.

The ChemiPeel is a phenomenal peal that by itself is a Quick-Fix Beautification Facelift. It will safely peel off sun damage. age spots, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation by dissolving protein within the surface layers of the skin, causing it to lose its vitality, then stiffen, heal, and peel. There is no discomfort over the entire week of sloughing off and you will take home an opional cleanser and creme to apply to the skin every night.

You will be amazed at how quickly this peel removes surface imperfections, and fills lines, wrinkles, and depressed contours with a facelifting burst of proteins. Treatments reverses up to 2 years of aging within 10 days.  *Accelerate results with a weekly treatmament plan for up to 12 years of aging reversal.


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